Game Architecture and Music of Lazuli

Intro Hi everyone! I’m Yuankun Huang (aka. Kun), the gameplay programmer and music composer of IJKL Studio. As we’re approaching the end of semester as well as the end of the first stage of this passion project, it’s quite an honor to share my experience in architecting the game as a developer, and composing musicContinue reading “Game Architecture and Music of Lazuli”

Concept Art of Lazuli

Hi there! This is Irene, artist from IJKL Studio : )  I’m here to share some (hopefully) interesting facts about our game concept art and characters. So let’s start with… why “Lazuli” ?  Lazuli is originally a Persian word, meaning “blue”. This is the one colour that encompasses more meanings in history: it could meanContinue reading “Concept Art of Lazuli”

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