Lazuli: The Game

Journey through a beautiful and evolving world that depicts the complex emotions associated with loneliness. Play as two intriguing characters with drastically different personalities and abilities: one a bright light, the other a dark soul. Only by joining forces can they overcome all environmental obstacles to emerge as a cohesive and emotionally balanced self.

Key Features

A World of Metaphors

Travel through an intriguing world filled with rich visual and narrative metaphors depicting the different emotions associated with loneliness.

Journey Alone, Together.

Explore the charming personalities and abilities of Light Self and Dark Self, two playable characters who symbolize the extremes of positive and negative qualities of the self, as they learn to accept and support each other.

An Uplifting Experience.

Experience a story about discovering new and positive ways of dealing with the difficult experiences, thoughts, and challenges brought on by loneliness.

Lazuli is a 2D narrative-based, single player co-op game for PC and is currently under development.

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About Us

IJKL Studio is a multidisciplinary team who believe that games and interactive media can serve a bigger purpose in making the world a better place.

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Vancouver, BC, Canada
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