A prosocial initiative to address loneliness through a free, narrative-based game and a supportive community hub website.

Nearly 8 in 10 young adults feel affected by loneliness

How Can We Help?

We want to bridge players of our free PC game to mental health resources and support.

Building Awareness and Engagement

Stigma about loneliness too often prevents young adults from seeking help that they may need. We want players of our game, Lazuli, to empathize with the issue of loneliness and engage with GREAT resources from mental health and youth services organizations.

Lazuli: The Game

Sparking approachable conversations about loneliness.

Health Resources

Journal: Loneliness and Social Connection

Loneliness is the sense of feeling alone. While some people who are lonely are physically separated from others, we can be around others and still feel lonely when important connections are missing. We may feel lonely for different reasons and experience loneliness in our own ways, but loneliness is always painful. Research increasingly shows that loneliness isContinue reading “Journal: Loneliness and Social Connection”

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Studio Blog

Concept Art of Lazuli

Hi there! This is Irene, artist from IJKL Studio : )  I’m here to share some (hopefully) interesting facts about our game concept art and characters. So let’s start with… why “Lazuli” ?  Lazuli is originally a Persian word, meaning “blue”. This is the one colour that encompasses more meanings in history: it could meanContinue reading “Concept Art of Lazuli”

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About Us

IJKL Studio is a multidisciplinary team who believe that games and interactive media can serve a bigger purpose in making the world a better place.

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Vancouver, BC, Canada
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